Johannes Leitner and Hannes Meißner presented Paper at MAG Convention 2018 in Lviv, Ukraine

On 28 June 2018 Johannes Leitner and Hannes Meissner attended the  MAG Convention 2018  at the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Center of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv/Ukraine. At the round table “Political risks and consequences for International Business. Analyzing the Post-soviet Space” they presented and discussed their findings.


In the OECD-area states provide security business to be conducted through a legal-institutional framework where state institutions,
53 working in a legal-rational, predictable and effective manner, are often taken for granted. Worldwide, however the situation is very different. Private actors seize public institutions and processes accumulating ever more power and private wealth by systematically abusing, side-stepping, ignoring and tailoring formal institutions to fit their interests. Such forms of ‘state capture’ are associated with specific political risks international businesses are confronted with when operating in these countries, such as institutional ambiguity, systematic favouritism and systemic corruption. This panel covers state capture, political risks and international business from the perspectives of Political Science and International Business Studies. Uniting theoretical approaches and empirical insights, it examines country specific forms of state capture and the associated political risks bridging the gap between political analysis and business related impacts

Moderator: Yaroslav Prytula, Ukrainian Catholic University (Ukraine)


Johannes Leitner, Competence Center for Black Sea Region Studies. University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna (Austria)
Hannes Meissner, Competence Center for Black Sea Region Studies, University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna (Austria)
Elena Denisova-Schmidt, University St. Gallen (Switzerland)
Tina Olteanu, University of Vienna (Austria)

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