About the STRATOS Research Programme


Political Risk Management as Competitive Advantage

Especially in emerging markets, enterprises face institutional settings which imply instability, are difficult to forecast, and pose a risk for these enterprises. The ability to proactively manage the possible negative consequences of political dynamics represents a crucial competitive advantage.

Succeeding with New Analysis Tools

It is the aim of our research project to develop a risk management tool for political risk, which is supposed to assist enterprises in using the potential of risky emerging markets in the Eastern Partnership and Russia, i.e. the regions which constitute traditionally important markets for Austrian enterprises.

The 3 Project Phases of the STRATOS Research Programme

The research programme is divided into three phases, with each phase having a specific purpose in order to accomplish the project aim. Phase 1 serves to empirically establish the status quo of Political Risk Management in Austrian enterprises. In Phase 2 of the research project a strategic model for the analysis and management of political risk, while Phase 3 is dedicated to disseminating, discussing and communicating the research project.

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