University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna (UAS BFI Vienna)
UAS BFI Vienna is one of the leading Universities of Applied Sciences in Austria. It is a non-profit education institution that offers study program in economics and business with a strong European orientation. Additionally, the UAS BFI Vienna conducts practice-oriented and applied research in fields such as European Integration, financial market regulation and political risks to businesses. In 2012, UAS BFI Vienna established the Competence Centre for the Black Sea Region (CCBSR). The CCBSR offers teaching and training on political risk, the Black Sea Region and EU policies. The target groups are students, the general public, public actors, journalists and enterprises.

University of Budapest
Corvinus University of Budapest defines itself as a research university oriented towards education, where the scientific performance of the academic staff measures up to the international standard and the students can obtain a competitive degree having a standard and knowledge content identical to similar-profile universities and acknowledged on the European Union’s labour market and on a global scale. Program of the European Union. The University is among the top three institutions in Hungary sending the most students abroad in respect of the Erasmus student mobility program.

University of Passau
The University of Passau (UPA) has evolved as a foremost address in German

academia. The University regularly attains top positions in academic rankings, e.g. in Political Science and Cultural Studies, Law, Business and Economics, Computer Science and Communication Studies.
Organisation name Southern Federal University

Armenian State University of Economics (ASUE)
The foundation of the Armenian State University of Economics (ASUE) goes back to 1930. It is the largest and leading economic educational institution in Armenia with over 5600 students and 457 academic staff members. Main strategic directions of ASUE activities are: providing a high quality higher education based on modern standards; training of qualified economists; retraining specialists and improving their qualifications;conducting research in economics; reform of education process in order to successfully integrate education and research activities in the Bologna process.