About the Competence Center for Black Sea Region Studies

Istanbul mosque with text The Competence Center for the Scientific Analysis of political risks

Objectives of the Competence Center for Black Sea Region Studies

The interdisciplinary approach of the Competence Center for Black Sea Region Studies (CCBSR) towards teaching and research is geared to produce papers, articles, and analyses on a sound scientific basis thus contributing to a more comprehensive appreciation of the Black Sea Region.

The Competence Centre for the Black Sea Region also seeks to dig into the full complexity of EU – EEU relations, characterized by conflict and competition, convergence, and (potential) cooperation. Its aim is to shed new light on associated dynamics and developing answers to questions like the status-quo of relations, what the areas of conflict are or what role the competition between the EU and the EEU plays in this context.

Furthermore the goals of the CCBSR are to bring together expertise on cultural, historical, (geo-)political, economic, and business aspects. Going into depth, balancing different perspectives from Russia /the EEU countries on the one hand, and the EU/EUU countries on the other hand. For this purpose, the action establishes a consortium of partners from the EU and the EEU and from different disciplines. This enables us to deal with the big picture, particularly by including the rise of China into our perspective. This approach will be helping us to better inform current public debate or policymakers and, especially, to achieve a better common understanding between the EU, Russia, and the EEU countries. In the bigger picture, The activities by the CCBSR will provide new opportunities for dialogue and exchange and will thus promote and give greater visibility to European Studies and the topic under investigation.

Political Risks for International Companies

International operations are per se associated with additional risks for companies. A new environment different from the well-known home-market combined with a political and institutional framework the organization is less acquainted with, makes international business more complex, and riskier. Political risk is a concept that covers those risk factors for international companies that root in the political and institutional environment of a country but have immediate consequences on the company’s performance.

Tasks of the Competence Center for Black Sea Region Studies

By dint of research projects in and on the Black Sea Region, conferences, publications and specialised lectures the Competence Center for Black Sea Region Studies generates new insights and a higher awareness which – in turn – immediately impart to our students through the elective module Black Sea Region. Hence, the graduates of the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna benefit from an academic specialisation which is unique in Austria.

In close cooperation with companies we develop necessary solutions for the Austrian economy to succeed in an economically dynamic Black Sea Region.


The Competence Center for Black Sea Region Studies offers a “Business Talk Black Sea Region Series” and regular symposia on topical issues in the region to an interested general public.

Advisory board “Black Sea Region”

The advisory board “Black Sea Region”, consisting of external experts, supports the networking activities of the Competence Center for Black Sea Region Studies and promotes information exchange with other institutions.

Definition of the Black Sea Region

The Competence Center for Black Sea Region Studies orients towards the “Black Sea Synergy” communication published by the European Commission. In this initiative, the six states bordering the Black Sea – Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey – together with four more states – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Greece, and the Republic Moldova – are considered to form the Black Sea Region. The latter four countries are counted in because of their history, their geographical proximity, and their close ties to the bordering countries.