Associated Persons

The Associated Persons implement the focus on the Black Sea Region in their departments at the FH BFI Vienna.

The Associated Persons in alphabetical order:

Tamara Blum
Subject Coordinator for Russian

Focus:University contacts and extension of the university networks in Russia and Ukraine

Andreas Breinbauer
Head of the FH Supervisory Council
Programme Director of “Logistics and Transport Management”
Head of the teaching and research in the Competence Center for Black Sea Region Studies

Focus: Research in Central and South-Eastern Europe

Eva Schiessl-Foggensteiner
Managing Director

Elisabeth Springler
Programme director of the bachelor´s and master´s programme “European Economy and Business Management”
Focus: Business location issues, market entry, financial markets (Islamic Banking), regional development

Johannes Wetzinger
Coordinator of EU-projects
Focus: EU projects related to the Black Sea Region